The Environmental Protection and Management Regulation (“Regulation”) was approved on June 24, 2010, but is not yet in force. The regulation, which applies only to Crown land, sets out the government’s “environmental objectives” pursuant to section 1(2) of the Oil and Gas Activities Act, which is also not yet in force. For example, the Regulation establishes restoration requirements in relation to oil and gas activities within former operating areas,

The Regulation places restrictions on the location of well sites, facilities and pipeline corridors in relation to environmental features including: water supply wells and water capture zones, waterworks and storage reservoirs, streams, lakes, wetlands, riparian reserve zones, wildlife habitat, old growth management areas. The Regulation prohibits the deposit of deleterious substances and causing of adverse effects to the quality, quantity or flow of water in aquifers and waterworks. The Regulation also sets out requirements in relation to stream, wetland and lake crossings, replacement of natural range barriers, and prevention of the establishment of invasive plants around well sites or facility areas.