The government introduced the Infrastructure Bill 2014 into Parliament on 5 June 2014. The Bill deals with various issues, including:

  • the functions of the Highways Agency to be taken over by a government-owned company with access to long-term funding;
  • where development consent orders are granted for nationally significant infrastructure projects, the processes for these are to be improved; 
  • certain planning conditions are to be deemed to be discharged;
  • "Species Control Orders" are to be introduced to control invasive non-native species that pose serious threats to the environment and infrastructure; and
  • the Secretary of State to have powers to make regulations to give individuals and community groups the right to purchase a stake in renewable electricity projects in their local area.

The Bill does not include provisions on a couple of relevant issues because the government's proposals are still subject to consultation. These are:

  • setting up an allowable solution scheme to support the 2016 "Zero Carbon Homes" standard that is to be introduced through the Building Regulations; and authorising underground access for shale gas and geothermal energy drilling that would otherwise be a trespass."