At the request of Otto Molina, President of the Republic, the Congress of Guatemala issued Decree No. 3-2013 of Amendments to Decree No. 57-2000, which main purpose is the incorporation to the Guatemalan legal system of proceedings for registration of foreign geographical indications and denominations of origin.

However, this Decree also amended some articles, among others, related to national geographical indications and denominations of origin, trademarks and patents.

Decree 03-2013 amends Decree 57-2000, the Industrial Property Law. It makes 30 amendments, including amendments in the strict sense of the word, as well as additions to and repeal of subsections and sections of this Law. It also establishes the application of the Official Newsletter Bulletin of the Intellectual Property Registry (“BoletínOficial del Registro de la PropiedadIntelectual”- BORPI) on publications of notices of registration of trademarks, trade names, logos and slogans, replacing in this manner the publication of notices in the Official Journal (Central American Journal - Diario de Centro América).