Qwest Communications confirmed plans Tuesday to exit the mobile telephony business with the discontinuance of service to the company’s remaining wireless subscribers on October 31. The announcement completes a process that began in May 2008, when Qwest, the smallest of the three regional Bell operating companies, signed a five-year agreement with Verizon Wireless under which Verizon-branded handsets and services would be marketed to Qwest customers. Prior to that agreement, Qwest had sold mobile phone services to its customers under the “Qwest Wireless” name, using network capacity acquired from Sprint Nextel. In its second quarter earnings report, Qwest disclosed that the bulk of its 763,000 wireless subscribers had already migrated to Verizon and that approximately 25% of those customers remained on the old Qwest Wireless network. Informing these subscribers that they had 60 days to switch their Qwest Wireless service, Qwest said this week that customers switching to Verizon would be able to take advantage of exclusive handset offers and combined billing and that no early termination fees would be incurred for switching their existing Qwest service. Qwest Wireless customers who place a call during the next two months will also be routed to service representatives who will remind them that their service will soon be disconnected and that they will have to select a new provider.