The U.K. Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld a complaint against Internet advertisements for Drink Doctor Ltd.’s alcohol delivery service, ruling that two banners on the company’s Facebook page “drew a link between provision of alcohol and the provision of medical assistance.” In its ruling, the agency contends that even though consumers were unlikely to confuse Drink Doctor with genuine medical assistance, the use of medical imagery “presented alcohol as a product to be used in the same manner” as medicine. ASA also takes issue with the “boozebulance” vehicle and emergency phone number featured in the ads, as these reportedly implied that alcohol beverages were “necessary and indispensable.”

“We also considered that the name ‘Drink Doctor’ in itself contained the same implication by conflating the role of a medical professional with the provision of alcohol,” concludes the ruling, which orders Drink Doctor to refrain from using medical imagery or terminology in its ads. “Marketing communications should not imply that alcohol has therapeutic qualities, and we considered that the use of medical imagery to market an alcohol delivery service carried such an implication.”