Raw egg safe to eat? The Food Standards Agency has launched a consultation on changing its recommendation for vulnerable consumers not to eat raw or lightly cooked eggs in respect of eggs covered by the Lion mark quality scheme – Closing date 1 May.  View >

Potential legal challenge to Sunday Trading: The Association of Convenience Stores has highlighted a move by the Keep Sunday Special alliance to give notice of their intention to mount a Judicial review of Government actions to devolve Sunday Trading decisions. 

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Consultation on thresholds and reporting of food adulteration: The FSA and Food Standards Scotland have launched a twelve week consultation on principles for setting thresholds and reporting of adulteration incidents. View >

Brexit: Best of both worlds white paper: The Government has published a white paper setting out the results of the EU renegotiation outcome and highlighting a number of better regulation measures including EU global competitiveness, small business and innovation tests, a consultation requirement before proposals are made and an annual review of the burden of EU regulation. View > CBI > IOD >

Campylobacter results published: The Food Standards Agency has published the latest league table of retailers based on the presence and levels of campylobacter in own label retail fresh chicken. View >

Sugar tax latest: Childhood obesity strategy delayed: Food pressure group Sustain has claimed that publication of the Government Childhood Obesity strategy is to be delayed until summer and has urged the chancellor to introduce a sugar tax claiming research suggests it would be successful. View > View >

Complaint re Genr8online advertising on eBay upheld: The ASA has upheld a complaint re use of an unauthorised health claim. View >