On 20 June 2012, the Commission published a questionnaire on the use of the GBER for State aid in the context of the State aid modernisation initiative. The questionnaire is seeking views from interested parties by 12 September 2012 on the functioning of the GBER since it came into force in July 2008. Subject to certain conditions, the GBER exempts aid in favour of small and medium-sized enterprises, research, development, innovation, environmental protection, employment, training and regional investments. The objective of the GBER is to simplify State aid rules and to reduce the administrative burden for certain public support projects. The GBER expires at the end of 2013, and the Commission now wants to hear stakeholders’ experiences in order to review the GBER’s functioning with a public consultation. It is interested in how the GBER will be able to support the State aid modernisation initiative, which aims to encourage growth and speed up and streamline State aid reviews. The questionnaire is broken down into the following sections: general GBER policy questions; the use of the GBER; the effectiveness of aid provided under the GBER; the common provisions of the GBER; the specific provisions of the GBER; and miscellaneous questions. Read more.