In our December 2012 Digital Media Newsflash we discussed the announcement by the UK Government that it had decided to amend copyright law in order to give private individuals more freedom to use copyright works. One of the key proposals is for format shifting to be legal so that private individuals will have the right to copy content they have bought onto any device they own, provided it is for personal use. 

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has now published several draft pieces of secondary legislation in order to implement the recommended changes to copyright exemptions.  Members of the  public, industry groups and lawyers are invited to comment on the draft legislation as part of a technical review. Exceptions have been published for private copying, parody, quotation, public administration, data analysis for non-commercial research, education, research, libraries and archives, and access to copyright works for people with disabilities.

The IPO will be holding a series of open meetings to discuss the drafts which also contain a series of questions and the IPO have invited written responses to the draft exceptions. Click here for copies of the draft exceptions.