On Thursday, May 05, 2016 negotiations for a construction-defects reform package broke down, making it unlikely that a bill will even get introduced this year. While Denver and several other Colorado communities have passed their own ordinances, without a state-wide legislative change, the shortage of affordable housing in Denver and elsewhere in Colorado is likely to continue, as many developers are unwilling to risk such ordinances being overturned. At the center of the negotiations was a bill that would require a majority of condominium owners in a development – not just the HOA Board – to consent to filing suit against a developer. However, the negotiations were unable to agree on whether developers should be included in such a vote when they still owned units in a development, nor could they agree on whether developers should be able to speak with other owners prior to a vote. The end result means Colorado is likely left with its patchwork of local ordinances for another legislative term, and no state action on this issue.