The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has produced draft Codes of Practice on the Equality Act 2010. The draft Codes cover Equal Pay, Employment and Services, Public Functions and Associations. The draft Employment Code provides a detailed explanation of the Act and endeavours to assist courts and tribunals interpret the law and provide guidance to lawyers, trade union representatives and HR departments.

The Code assumes some knowledge of the law and the Equality Act but the EHRC has also provided guidance for employers and workers. The Code does not impose legal obligations but will provide assistance to Tribunals and can be used as evidence in legal proceedings. Tribunals and Courts must take into account any part of the Code that is relevant to any questions arising in proceedings.

The Codes are currently in draft form and were laid before Parliament on 12 October 2010 for 40 days. If no objections are received then the Government will make an Order bringing the Codes into force. To view the draft Codes, please follow the link to the EHRC website.