Project licensing

What licensing requirements and procedures apply to construction projects in your jurisdiction (eg, planning consents)?

There are several licensing requirements in place that must be met depending on the nature of the project. The most common of these include:

  • approval from the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) for project planning and approval of file opening;
  • approval from the MME for road design;
  • approval from Kahramaa for the supply of power and water;
  • approval from the Ministry of Interior regarding fire safety;
  • approval from the Communications Regulatory Authority for telecommunications services;
  • building permits from the MME;
  • a public declaration regarding the construction project; and
  • a certificate of completion from the MME.

Professional licensing and qualification

What licensing requirements and procedures apply to construction professionals, including any required qualifications?

Law 19/2005 regulates engineers and architects by:

  • providing a register of engineers of local and international engineering consultancy firms;
  • governing the rights and obligation of engineers; and
  • regulating their practice.

Engineers and architects are not permitted to practise unless properly registered. The eligibility criteria for the registration of engineers states that an applicant:

  • must be either a Qatari national or a Qatari resident;
  • must not be a minor or mentally incapacitated;
  • must hold a degree from a recognised university;
  • must have no criminal record; and
  • must pass a technical capacity test approved by the Body of Construction Planning and Development.

Do any special rules and restrictions apply to foreign construction professionals?

Foreign engineers and architects must meet the requirements of Law 19/2005 (as listed above) or be barred from practising in Qatar.

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