The Committee of European Securities Regulators (CESR) has adopted the following two new arrangements to facilitate the MiFID transaction reporting requirements:

  • Reporting on non-securities derivatives (including commodity derivatives) will be undertaken through the relevant regulated markets. They will act as an alternative reporting channel for local exchange members.
  • An alternative way for the identification of securities derivatives on some derivatives markets is introduced. The new identification is based on a number of fields rather than a single identifier, but in order to facilitate communication they are commonly called the Alternative Instrument Identified (or AII for short). Due to the late decision on this issue, it will not be possible to fully implement the AII in all EEA countries on 1 November 2007. Each individual national authority member of CESR will inform locally on provisional measures and the timetable for the full implementation of this new arrangement.

View CESR complements the arrangements for transaction reporting in order to solve remaining issues in the exchange of transaction reporting, 26 October 2007