Drinking water quality is the focus of three bills in Ohio following this past summer’s toxin-contaminated water supply in Toledo caused by algal blooms on Lake Erie, Gongwer reports. Rep. Michael Sheehy (D-Toledo) and Rep. John Patterson (D-Jefferson) sponsored HB 625, a measure that would “create requirements and procedures for monitoring microcystin in public water systems,” according to the article. Rep. Sheehy also sponsored HB 611, which would prohibit the application of manure to land under certain weather or soil conditions. Sen. Edna Brown introduced a new bill, SB 356, to amend SB 150, a bill enacted earlier this year that requires anyone “who applies fertilizer for the purposes of agricultural production” to obtain state certification by September 30, 2017. SB 356 would move that required date up to December 31, 2014.