UK opts in to JHA provisions in structural reform legislation: The City Minister has announced in Parliament that the Government has decided to opt in to the justice and home affairs (JHA) provisions in the EU proposals for bank structural reform and transparency of securities financing transactions. These provisions call for the co-operation between law enforcement bodies during the investigation of criminal offences related to breaches under those two pieces of legislation. (Source: Written Statements at the House of Commons)

Treasury pleased on current account comparison: Treasury has announced that major banks have agreed to use a tool that will make current account comparison easier for consumers to carry out online. The service will be available from the end of the financial year and will enable consumers to download a year's worth of statements in one file and for comparison software to suggest possible money saving options based on their spending habits. (Source: Treasury Pleased on Current Account Comparison)

Treasury feeds back on faster cheques: Treasury has published a summary of responses it received to its consultation on speeding up the cheque payment process. Generally respondents welcomed the proposals, and favoured all banks moving to the new methods at once to save confusion. Treasury will now introduce proposals for the new system, which will give options for various methods of paying in cheques, including the current methods. The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill will introduce the necessary legislative changes. (Source: Treasury Feeds Back on Faster Cheques)