A consumer has filed a putative class action against Costco Wholesale Corp. alleging that the company sells shrimp obtained with slave labor in Thailand. Sud v. Costco Wholesale Corp., No. 15-3783 (N.D. Cal., filed August 19, 2015). Citing documentaries and media reports, the complaint asserts that through its store brand, Kirkland, Costco has been selling seafood from Thailand “derived from a supply chain that depends upon documented slavery, human trafficking and other illegal labor abuses.” Further, Costco “does not advise U.S. consumers, in its packaging or otherwise, that the supply line for farmed prawns has been tainted by the use of slave labor in Thailand, and other nearby locations in international waters, including Indonesia, on Thai-flagged ships, and that there has been no eradication of this plague.” Knowingly selling such products and failing to warn the public of the farming conditions allegedly amount to unlawful business practices, misleading and deceptive advertising, and a violation of the Consumer Legal Remedies Act. The plaintiff seeks class certification, an injunction, restitution and costs.