The DOL recently released selected statistics about its PERM Program.

The DOL stated that in the first quarter of fiscal year 2009 (October 1, 2008 through September 30, 2009), 20,752 PERM applications were filed with the DOL. During the same timeframe, the DOL only completed adjudicating 4,571 PERM applications. Of these, approximately 30% were denied. This denial rate is significantly higher than the historical denial rate of approximately 21% since the inception of the PERM program.

The DOL stated that it currently has 53,200 active PERM applications pending. 67% of these cases are awaiting initial review while 26% are pending for audit review.

The DOL stated that it is currently initially reviewing PERM applications filed in June 2008. The DOL also stated that it is currently reviewing audit cases of PERM applications filed in August 2007.