On 1 July 2018 a new Aboriginal Procurement Policy (APP) was introduced. It operates in conjunction with the existing Aboriginal Participation in Construction policy. The APP applies to the procurement of goods and services by NSW Government departments, statutory authorities, trusts and other government entities.

Among other things, the APP requires that NSW Government agencies publish an annual Aboriginal Participation Strategy, detailing its plans to meet its obligations under the APP. Agencies must consider opportunities for Aboriginal participation in all major procurement activities over $10 million, and document these opportunities in their procurement strategies. NSW Government agencies are also required to:

  • report all contracts valued over $50,000 entered into with an Aboriginal-owned business; and
  • ensure that all suppliers are made aware of their obligations under the APP at the time of tender or before.

In tenders, NSW Government agencies must include:

  • requirements for suppliers to include an Aboriginal Participation Plan for all contracts over $10 million in their tender response;
  • evaluation criteria for Aboriginal participation in tender responses for all contracts over $10 million; and
  • supplier reporting requirements for Aboriginal participation in the contract. 

More information can be found here.