In Gomez v. Lincare, Inc., field service representatives for a medical equipment company sued their employer for unpaid wages including overtime. Although the California court of appeal ruled that a jury trial was required to determine whether the employees were exempt from overtime as "drivers" under the motor carrier exemption, the court dismissed the employees' claim for unpaid wages during on-call waiting time. The court noted that while the employees were (1) provided pagers, (2) required to respond to a page within 30 minutes by telephone, and (3) expected to arrive at the customer site within two hours of a page, they were allowed to engage in personal activities while on call, and they could trade on-call responsibilities with a co-worker. Although plaintiffs urged that they felt constrained from engaging in personal activities, the court held that the employee's unilateral decision to avoid personal activities while on call did not change the conclusion that the waiting time was non-compensable personal time.