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Evidence is one of the most vital elements when intellectual property (IP) infringement disputes come into play. In this installment of our "Lifecycle of a Smart Idea" series, which is dedicated to helping you maximize opportunities and minimize risk when taking your innovative ideas to the global market, members of Gowling WLG's global IP team examine the main issues that can arise in a patent dispute, such as:

  • Who has the onus on each main issue?
  • What are the evidentiary burdens?
  • What level of proof is needed?
  • What expert evidence is needed?

This webinar allows attendees to hear from members of our IP team in Canada, the UK, Europe and China, as well as from a US patent arbitrator.


  • Ron Dimock - Partner, Gowling WLG
  • Selena Kim - Partner, Gowling WLG
  • Céline Bey - Partner, Gowling WLG
  • Laurent Massam - Partner, Gowling WLG
  • William Needle - Mediator & Arbitrator, JAMS
  • Elliot Papageorgiou - Head of IP Strategy in China, Gowling WLG
  • Jamie Rowlands - Partner, Gowling WLG