The Irish Government published IFS2020: A Strategy for Ireland’s International Financial Services sector 2015-2020. IFS2020 sets out five strategic priorities with 30 actions to be implemented. A key part of the strategy is a focus on the promotion of Ireland’s international financial services industry. This is the first phase of an iterative planning and implementation process which will evolve to implement existing actions and to identify new actions, reflecting emerging sectoral trends, challenges and opportunities. The strategic priorities are:

  • Promote Ireland as a Location for International Financial Services & world class innovative products & services.
  • Drive continuous improvement in the operating environment & competitiveness of Ireland's IFS sector.
  • Drive Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship in the IFS sector, with a particular focus on financial technology & governance, risk & compliance.
  • Develop job-creation opportunities from emerging IFS sub-sectors & new markets.
  • A new implementation framework for IFS2020.