During an event presenting new tools aimed to help educational centers promote privacy and data protection, the director of the Spanish Data Protection Agency (DPA) requested that internet security become part of children's formal education considering the increasing importance of data protection.

She highlighted:

  • 22% of children spend more than six hours per day browsing on the internet but they have no knowledge of the responsibility or potential consequences
  • minors must receive an adequate education of the internet to benefit from its advantages
  • her response to this being that the appropriate use of mobile phones, computers and other devices must be regulated
  • educational centers collect and maintain a great deal of information on students, teachers, other staff and their relatives and the importance of respecting and handling such information in compliance with the legal applicable requirements, as the right to data protection is a fundamental right

At the same time, the deputy director of the General Data Protection Registry presented a guide on "Data protection for educational centers", which offers direct responses to frequent issues raised by the educational community and explains concepts and basic principles regarding data protection. Family workshops and videos are available to raise awareness among minors and offer parents tips on the use of technology by children.