The European Banking Committee (EBC) has published its latest newsletter which looks at the following issues relating to the Capital Requirements Directive (CRD):

  • The results of the Commission's public consultation on the CRD. The consultation closed on 16 June 2008. The responses, along with the Commission's feedback, have not yet been published.
  • Crisis management, colleges and home issues. This briefly covers the EBC's discussion of: (1) the determination of systematically relevant branches; (2) the composition of colleges; (3) the involvement of the Committee of European Banking Supervisors (CEBS); and (4) the role of the consolidating supervisor.
  • Large exposures. There is a brief discussion of the alternatives for the treatment of large exposures.
  • Liquidity risk management. Both ECOFIN and the FSF/G7 recommendations advocate the need to develop regulatory responses by strengthening firms liquidity risk management.
  • Hybrid capital instruments. The EBC has agreed that CEBS should carry out additional work in this area.
  • Securitisation. There is a brief discussion of a Consultation Document the Commission Services published on 16 April 2008. This contained draft changes to the CRD in the securitisation field.
  • Process for amending the CRD.
  • Deposit guarantee schemes. There is a discussion of the policy implications of the credit crunch for deposit guarantee schemes. Recent reports on efficiency and risk based contribution are also covered.

View European Banking News, (PDF 349KB), 4 July 2008