Tennessee has enacted a pilot program for public transportation projects using CM/GC project delivery. This represents an incremental expansion of the delivery method on public projects nationwide, albeit on a trial basis for Tennessee. The first of three projects allowed under the law may be no larger than $70 million, and the projects may not exceed $200 million in the aggregate. The new program was reported by Matt DeVries on his blog.

CM/GC project delivery is now permitted in a large number of states, although many states permit this project delivery method for some but not all types of public projects. A more complete picture on this procurement method is available on the AGC of America website. The Tennessee law will be effective in mid-2014. Promoted by the Tennessee Road Builders Association, more information may become available on the TRBA website.

CM/GC, standing for construction manager/general contractor, is a procurement method where the prime contractor is selected via a qualifications-based process during the early design stages. The prime provides input during completion of the design, and then enters into a lump sum contract to build the fully-designed project.