Spain's Official State Journal, the BOE, yesterday published an order issued by the Minister of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda which amends the legislation on the procedure and rules governing the previous renewables auction so as to carry over its application to the new auction.

The new Order ETU/615/2017, of 27 June, published yesterday in the BOE, applies the same remunerative parameters for reference standard plants, procedure and allocation rules as established in the regulations that governed the previous auction, contained in:

  • Order ETU/315/2017, of 6 April; and
  • Resolution dated 10 April 2017, of the Secretariat of State for Energy, which established the procedure and rules for the auction.

Therefore, the new Order published yesterday merely adds a new section 3.2 to Annex I of the previous Order, including new identification codes for the standard plants as established by Royal Decree 650/2017, of 16 June.

The new auction

The new tender, which establishes an auction for allocating the specific remuneration to new facilities that generate electrical power from renewable sources, will take place on 26 July 2017, as announced yesterday by the Spanish Minister of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda before the Spanish Congress's Energy Commission.

The BOE will publish the Resolution calling the auction in the coming days, which will establish the new discount floors and caps, the minimum system cost increase and the new schedule for the auction.