Testifying before the Senate Commerce Committee, Lawrence Strickling and Aneesh Chopra—nominees for the posts of National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) Director and White House Chief Technology Officer (CTO), respectively—pledged their efforts towards fulfilling the Obama Administration’s goal of making broadband services more accessible. Tuesday’s confirmation hearing also spotlighted the Obama administration’s selections for top posts at the Census Bureau and at the Department of Transportation. Strickling, a former chief of the FCC Common Carrier Bureau, boasts decades of experience within the communications sector. Before joining the FCC in 1997, Strickling served as vice president of public policy at former regional Bell operating company Ameritech. He has also held private sector positions at Allegiance Telecom, CoreExpress, Inc., and at Broadwing Communications. The position of CTO has been newly created by the Obama Administration within the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and Chopra, the current Secretary of Technology for the State of Virginia, would be the first person to serve in that capacity. Asserting that Congress has entrusted NTIA “with many important responsibilities, ranging from managing the government’s use of spectrum to Internet governance, to implementing the broadband grant program established by the Recovery Act,” Strickling promised that “NTIA will perform its responsibilities with clarity, common sense and creativity and always with the goal or promoting our overall economy.” Pledging “to execute the president’s vision for a 21st century economy” which includes making “broadband more abundant,” Chopra told the panel that, “by stewarding more pragmatic policy choices . . . we can make jobs more plentiful, America more competitive, [and] competitive communications more affordable.” Both nominations were forwarded to the full Senate on Wednesday.