On 6 April this year, new sets of UK regulations come into force imposing reporting requirements on a wide range of corporate entities in respect of both gender pay gap information and payment practices. These are in addition to recent reporting requirements in the UK that have come into force already in respect of modern slavery and human trafficking, tax strategy and non-financial reporting.

These requirements are separate from the Annual Report (save for the non-financial reporting requirement) and other ongoing reporting requirements under the Companies Act 2006 (for English companies) and under the Listing Rules, DTRs and UK Corporate Governance Code (for companies whose shares are listed in the UK).

The requirements present a considerable challenge to corporate entities operating in the UK as the rules on who must comply with each set of requirements, when they must comply by, how they must comply and the frequency of reporting, are different for each set of regulations. In order to assist corporate entities in navigating this complex matrix, we have prepared the attached table setting out, for each of the reporting requirements:

  • What is required;
  • Who must comply;
  • When does it apply;
  • How to comply; and
  • Source material.

The table also sets out a timeline showing each of the relevant reporting deadlines for a company with a 31 December year end. The table can be found here.