Research by Divorce Online indicates that an increasing number of unreasonable behaviour divorce petitions refer to the Respondent spouse spending too much time playing video games, which is clearly indicative of the fact that, compared to say 10 years ago, the use of video games and the internet are far more widespread.

There have been recent press reports on similar themes: the New York Democratic Representative allegedly “sexting” and the husband who, upon discovering his wife’s affair, used social networking groups and created websites naming the man who had a relationship with his wife.

It is clearly a sign of the times that the Internet plays a much larger role in divorce. Whereas previously a spouse may have cited the discovery of letters or hotel receipts as evidence of an affair, we are now much more likely to be told about the discovery of text messages and emails. In a behaviour divorce petition, it is often not necessary to cite numerous examples of behaviour and generally the examples can be quite “mild”.