What next for the Sugar Tax and Snap, Crackle & Pop? Advertising Watershed? Tax? This is the need-to-know interview.

With childhood obesity staying on top of social and political agendas, manufacturers, retailers and advertisers with an interest in SUGAR, SALT, FAT and DAIRY, need to get ready for changes coming their way via ‘Chapter 2’ of the government’s childhood obesity strategy. In our first video interview on the topic, our food experts (Katie Vickery and Katrina Anderson) discuss the current proposals and consultations and give a view as to what is likely to come next.

Topics covered:

  • Advertising watershed – in or out?
  • The ‘careers’ of equity brand characters – will they be cut short?
  • The likelihood of further financial and regulatory ‘incentives’
  • Where the spotlight is likely to fall next – Fats? Salt? Dairy products?

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