The EAT has awarded £14,000 for injury to the feelings of a nursery teacher against whom a school had conducted a campaign to oust her after she brought a sex discrimination claim against them (but reducing the tribunal's original award of £22,000). The teacher alleged that she was bullied, harassed and given severely negative feedback by the head teacher for her teaching, and was eventually disciplined and dismissed.

The EAT also awarded her £5,000 aggravated damages for the school's conduct in unnecessarily undermining her capabilities (which aggravated the injury to her feelings) and ordered the head teacher to send a letter of apology to the parents and staff at the school. Employers should be aware that, following the implementation of the Equality Act 2010, tribunals will have wider powers to make this type of recommendation (that within a specified time, the employer should take an action to remove or reduce the effects of discrimination), if successful claimants apply for them.

St Andrews Catholic primary School Governors & Ors v G Blundell