On October 16, 2012, Missouri Public Service Commission (MPSC) Staff filed a complaint against Halo Wireless, Inc. and Transcom Enhanced Services. They allege that Halo and Transcom engaged in an elaborate access charge avoidance scheme in order to defraud Missouri telecommunications carriers of millions of dollars that should have been paid. Halo is accused of altering call detail records to make traffic appear to be delivered to AT&T as local wireless traffic or VoIP traffic instead of long-distance wireline traffic. According to the complaint, “(n)either Halo nor Transcom has fully compensated the telecommunications companies to which they delivered traffic, for transmission or termination.” Staff is requesting that the MPSC assess the maximum penalties allowed under state statutes and to refer the complaint to the Missouri Attorney General and the United States Attorney for prosecution “for acting in concert to criminally defraud the recipient carriers of the millions of dollars of access charges that Halo and Transcom knew that they owed, did not pay, and attempted to conceal by the alteration of call records, in violation of state and federal law.” Docket No. TC-2013-0194.