The Commission for the Protection of Competition recently published its 2014 annual report, in which it outlines the key developments of the year. The commission issued 41 decisions in administrative proceedings, 30 of which related to concentration control and 11 of which relate to stated aid control. Of the former, concentrations were approved in 29 cases; in one case the commission found that the concentration was not subject to the Competition Act. In addition, the commission issued four opinions under the Competition Act and 19 opinions under the State Aid Control Act.

In 2014 the commission also decided 10 cases in misdemeanour proceedings and imposed fines totalling Md233,530,047 (about €3.9 million). Of these 10 decisions:

  • four determined the existence of cartels in the public procurement, pharmaceuticals and electricity markets and imposed fines totalling Md230,673,897 (about €3.8 million);
  • four determined abuses of dominant positions by public enterprises and imposed fines totalling Md1,503,150 (about €25,000); and
  • two determined misdemeanours on the grounds of failure to notify a concentration and imposed fines totalling Md1,353,000 (about €22,000).

For comparison, the total amount of fines imposed in 2013 was Md1,076,300 (about €17,000).

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