Recently published results have once again confirmed the Maltese Flag’s leading role within the global and European Shipping Industry.

2016 represented another positive year for the Maltese Flag as it managed to once again confirm itself as the 1st Flag in Europe in terms of vessel and tonnage registered in its books. The Malta Flag has also managed to retain the 6th worldwide ranking, placing itself just behind the Asian Flags of Hong Kong and Singapore.

The tonnage registered in Malta has increased by 6% with 69.9 million gross tonnes registered under the eight-pointed star Flag, up from 66.2 million gross tonnes registered in the same period of the previous year. The number of vessels registered in Malta last year went up to 837 vessels.

The average age of merchant ships flying the Maltese Flag registered in 2016 stood at 9 years while the average age of the total fleet stood at 12 years.

This positive increase was recorded also in the Yachts & Super-Yacht section with the number of yachts registered in Malta now up to 575.

These numbers have once again proven the hard work and commitment of both public and private sector which, over the last decades, have shaped the Maritime Sector into a Worldwide Outstanding Centre of Excellence.