On 24 June 2009, the European Commission (Commission) adopted a Communication providing guidance on the in-depth assessment of regional aid to large investment projects. The guidelines set out the criteria and methodology used for the in-depth assessment under which the Commission will assess and balance the relative positive and negative impact of the aid on any affected markets. The Commission will take into account the objective of the aid and the extent to which it might for instance contribute to employment, training, technology transfer or further investment in the area. It will consider whether aid is the most appropriate instrument for meeting those objectives and the extent to which public assistance provides a real incentive to meet the objectives. The level and intensity of the aid must also be proportionate and limited to the minimum required to ensure investment in the region. The Commission will also weigh up any potential negative impact such as the likelihood that the aid to the project may create a disincentive to investment by competitors or would create or maintain inefficiencies in the market.