EBA has published information sheets on its remuneration guidelines and related issues. The sheets, which answer questions EBA received, cover various issues, including:

  • whether data should be collected from EEA branches of non-EEA institutions: EBA says it should, but in such a way that places these institutions in the same position as if they were EEA institutions;
  • what data EBA wants from supervisors from the sample data collection exercise;
  • whether the data should be limited to that of credit institutions and investment firms within the group or should include all entities that are included in the scope of consolidation at bank level;
  • the appropriate currency; and
  • whether wholesale lending should form part of retail lending or of investment banking for reporting purposes: EBA says it should fall within retail lending.

(Source: EBA Data Collection FAQs and EBA Remuneration Benchmarking FAQs)