A disgruntled employee at a media agency in London sent a ‘leaving speech’ to his colleagues setting out the grounds of his grievance. His colleagues forwarded it on and it has now gone viral. The angry employee vented his spleen by accusing his boss of, amongst other things:

  • Ruining the last eight months of his life.
  • Making derogatory comments about the Paralympics.
  • Having sexual relations in the office with a female colleague.
  • Making sexist and bigoted jokes.

We would like to provide some useful advice as to how to avoid an email like this being circulated, however in this day and age it is near impossible to stop a determined employee sending out such a message.

The best advice we can give in a situation like this is to act swiftly in order to achieve damage limitation. Send a clear message to staff immediately informing them not to forward such a message on and of the consequences should such a message be forwarded.