The new regulatory requirement on transfer pricing has been delayed. Resolution DGT-R-28-2017 was published last week in the official newspaper La Gaceta. This publication modifies resolution DGT-R-44-2016, which established the obligation to file an annual informative tax return on transfer pricing.

The new resolution states in its Transitory I the suspension of the filing of the informative tax return, which initially was established for the month of June of this year. The deadline for submitting the informative tax return will be suspended until the Tax Administration communicates the date and the electronic means for the presentation of the requirement.

The resolution DGT-R-28-2017 obliged the Tax Authorities to notify three months in advance, the date and electronic means for filing the transfer pricing informative tax return. These three months will allow taxpayers to adjust their computer systems to perform the required data transmission.

Meanwhile, taxpayers are obliged to keep the information regarding this transfer pricing tax return until Tax Administration provides the electronic means for the filing.