The opening of a new filing session for Financing Requests under G.D. 332/2014

The Ministry of Public Finance announced that between 12.06.2017 – 23.06.2017 there will be a new session for registering Financing Requests based on the provisions of Government Decision 332/2014 (as subsequently modified by Government Decision 784/2014) for the implementation of a state aid scheme to support investments creating a minimum of 10 jobs, out of which three positions must be created for disadvantaged workers.

The state aid will be granted as non-reimbursable funds covering eligible expenditure resulting from salary costs (including social contributions) recorded for a period of two consecutive years, within the limit of the average national gross salary. The state aid scheme shall be available until December 31, 2020 and shall have a total budget of approx. €600 million. Payment of state aid shall be made during 2015 – 2025. Financing Requests, together with supporting documentation, can be submitted between 12.06.2017 – 23.06.2017. The budget for this session is 106,293 thousand lei. More details