The House sponsors of legislation (P.L. 110-189) requiring the Department of Transportation (DOT) to develop a safety standard that improves rear visibility on vehicles have urged the president to direct the DOT secretary to release and implement the standard. In their March 21, 2013, letter, Reps. Jan Schakowsky (D.-Ill.) and Peter King (D-N.Y.) observe that the statutory deadline for doing so was February 28, 2011. Apparently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a proposed rule in December 2010, concluding that the only technologically available rear visibility system is a rear-mounted video camera and in-vehicle visual display, but the agency has not finalized the rule. The letter notes that such technology is becoming available on higher-end models, but without the rule “families purchasing economy models may be denied the option of having a lifesaving camera at all.”