The Government of El Salvador, through the Ministerio de Obras Públicas y de Transporte (“MOP”) and the Fondo Salvadoreño Para Estudios de Preinversión (“FOSEP”), published the invitation to consulting companies, national and international, individually or in association, that are specialized in the development of feasibility studies of Mass Public Transportation Systems, to express in writing to FOSEP, their interest in being invited to the consultancy for the preparation of the Study of feasibility of the 7290 project: “MASS PASSENGER TRANSPORT SYSTEM IN THE METROPOLITAN AREA OF SAN SALVADOR”, which will be developed within 360 calendar days (the “Consultancy”).

The general objective of the Consultancy is to determine the best alternative for the implementation of a first line of the mass public transport system (“STPM”) for the East-West corridor of the Metropolitan Area of the City of San Salvador, considering the technical, legal, environmental, social and economic aspects, having to define the Basic Engineering Design which will contain the technical and functional guidelines necessary for the development of the project to be executed.

The main scopes to develop in the Consultancy are:

· General diagnosis and selection of STPM;

· Technical-economic feasibility; and

· Basic engineering project.

Under the invitation published by MOP and FOSEP, consulting companies that have experience in this type of Consultancy and who have specialized personnel in the sector and wish to be considered in the process of prequalification of companies, must send a letter interest informing their interest to FOSEP andregister or update their registration in the National Registry of Consultants of FOSEP.

Those interested in informing their interest in the Consultancy shall submit the required documents at FOSEP’s offices, no later than 16:30 on March 16th, 2020.

The Consultancy will be financed by FOSEP, with funds from the Third Stage Pre-investment Program, Loan Recoveries No. 860 / SF-ES.