More than 50 million consumers “now have free and regular access to their credit scores through their monthly credit card statements or online,” according to a recent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) press release. Last year, the CFPB launched an initiative calling on “more of the nation’s top credit card companies to make credit scores freely available to their customers.” Since then, “more than a dozen” major credit card issuers are providing those scores “directly and freely to consumers.” In recently conducted focus groups, the CFPB found that while there are several ways available for consumers to check their credit reports and credit scores, confusion about how to access that information and what it means persists. Some consumers “reported that they often do not feel empowered to take action to improve their credit histories.” However, consumers “who reported feeling financially savvy” tend to check their reports regularly and found it helpful in achieving their financial goals. For more, read the full release.