With the publication of Brazil’s new immigration law yesterday, many travelers may be wondering if their visas are still valid, particularly U.S. nationals planning travel over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Travelers are reminded that according to the Brazilian government’s official decree, current Brazilian visas will remain valid until their expiration date. This includes those holding a valid 90-day technical (NR100) visa stamped in their passport.

The decree also contained transition provisions indicating that the Ministry of Labor will continue to adjudicate visas submitted before Nov. 21 under the old law’s criteria. Additionally, Brazilian Consulates will continue to process visa applications under the old law as long as they are submitted within 90 days of the Ministry’s work authorization approval.

BAL Analysis: Brazilian consulates in the U.S. will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday, and U.S. nationals are free to travel on their current, valid Brazilian visas.