The Federal Maritime Commission amended its Rules of Practice and Procedure (FMC Rules) on October 10, 2012, effective November 12, 2012. With the stated purpose of modernizing the rules and streamlining proceedings, the Commission largely tracked amendments proposed in its March 1, 2012 notice of proposed rulemaking. Among other things, the amendments modestly increase the time period for completion of discovery (to 150 days post-answer), but the amendments generally place new requirements and limits on discovery and pre-hearing practice. Initial disclosure of certain information is now required early in a proceeding. The number of depositions and interrogatories is limited (20 and 50 per party, respectively). Shorter motion page and time limits now apply. Non-dispositive motions are limited to 10 pages, with responses due in 7 days. Dispositive motions are limited to 30 pages, with responses due in 15 days, and a 15 page reply within 7 days of an opposing response. The new right of reply does not apply to non-dispositive motions. The new FMC Rules also implicate FMC practice generally, including expanding the meet and confer requirement to all non-dispositive motions and changes to certain complaint and motion filing requirements, and practitioners are encouraged to review the amendments to the FMC Rules, posted here (pre-Federal Register publication version).