Attorney Donald Mason, in Roetzel’s Columbus office, focuses his legal practice on energy and environmental policy with an emphasis on regulated public utilities and oil and natural gas development. He served as a former Commissioner of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, a former Chief of the Ohio Division of Oil and Gas, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, and Chairman of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners Committee on Gas. Mr. Mason also served two terms as Mayor of Zanesville, Ohio.

Many schools and institutions depend upon natural gas for space and water heating. The increased production of shale gas in the Ohio and Pennsylvania fields has created an abundance of supply that could never have been predicted as few as two or three years ago. Present trends show that natural gas prices may begin to rise, as early as March 2016. The NYMEX one-year (2017) gas quote is over ten percent higher than the January through March 2016 index prices. Drilling for natural gas in Ohio and Pennsylvania has been curtailed or terminated until the market prices for oil, liquids, and natural gas increase.

Consumers may want to consider looking at multi-year contracts to lock in low gas prices against the future likelihood of increases. Please let Mr. Mason or any Roetzel attorney know if you would like your present contracts reviewed and assessed to see if you might take advantage of today’s lower prices under a long-term contract.