From 29 March 2015 the Ukrainian court system will be functioning under the new rules that will be applied with the newly adopted Law of Ukraine “On Ensuring the Right to a Fair Trial”.

The Law improves accessibility to the Supreme Court of Ukraine by the parties of court process and introduces the binding effect of judgements rendered by the Supreme Court. In addition, the Law establishes transparent and competitive mechanism for the selection of candidates for the positions of judges. The measures of disciplinary liability of judges are extended and strengthened as well. The independence of judiciary is improved by introducing the new system of judicial self-governance, which is simple but much more efficient than it previously used to be. The Law sets mandatory rules that all the court judgements must be available online and that the court hearings may be video recorded without any special permissions from the judge. Overall, the Law is a firm step towards reforming of the existing court system of Ukraine in order to make it more transparent and assessable to the public.