On 4 April 2013, the Spanish Congress passed and submitted to the Senate the Bill to create the National Markets and Competition Commission (“NMCC”). This new macro-regulatory body will assume the role of the National Competition Commission under Competition Law 15/2007 of 3 July and that of the regulators of the telecommunications, electricity, natural gas, postal, audiovisual communication, airport and rail transport sectors.

This bill has been under discussion for the last six months and foresees that the NMCC will be governed by a council made up of ten members. In a break with the current structure, the council will be divided into two committees; one will exclusively hear competition cases and the other will deal with regulatory oversight. The two committees will be closely linked as their members will rotate (no member will be exclusively assigned to just one committee) and reports will be drafted by a committee on proceedings being handled by the other committee but that relate to matters that fall under its competence.

The bill has been submitted to the Senate. It is expected to be passed in July 2013 and that the NMCC will be up and running by the beginning of 2014.