The U.K. Food Standards Agency (FSA) has launched public consultations on two sets of proposed legislation, “The Contaminants in Food (England) Regulations 2013” and “The Food Additives, Flavourings, Enzymes, and Extraction Solvents (England) Regulations 2013.” The first set of regulations related to food contaminants will revoke the 2010 version and take into account new European Commission regulations regarding (i) “maximum levels for nitrate in foodstuffs”; (ii) “maximum levels for the presence of coccidiostats and histomonostats in food resulting from the unavoidable carry-over of these substances in non-targeted feed”; and (iii) under-enforcement of EU provisions providing for “the labeling of groundnuts, other oilseeds, derived products thereof and cereals.” The Contaminants in Food Regulations will also revoke “national legislation on mineral hydrocarbons in food and revoke and remake[] the provisions of the Erucic Acid in Food Regulations 1977.”

The second set of regulations will consolidate “all legislation within [FSA’s] remit covering food additives, flavourings, enzymes, and extraction solvents into a single consolidated statutory instrument.” Part of the agency’s effort to simplify food safety legislation in response to the government’s Red Tape Challenge Initiative, the proposed legislation will (i) “introduce the use of compliance notices for non-safety related offences for enforcement purposes”; (ii) “update the food additive legislation to reflect the establishment of Annexes II and III to the Additive Regulation (EC) No. 1333/2008 and the removal of the transitional measure for the additive Directives”; (iii) “amend the flavouring legislation to refer to the revised transitional measures”; and (iv) “revoke The Food (Suspension of the Use of E128 Red 2G as Food Colour) (England) Regulations 2007 No. 2266.”

The agency will accept comments from food manufacturers, suppliers and distributors, consumers, and other stakeholders on both sets of regulations until June 5, 2013.