Based on financial data, brand strength and analysis of consumer behaviors, the top 500 valuable Chinese brands in 2017 were released in Beijing a few weeks ago.

The State Grid Corporation of China ranked 1st, and its brand value is considered to reach 329.887 billion RMB. Tecent (325.112 billion RMB), Haier (291.896 billion RMB), China Life Insurance Co. (287.156 billion RMB) and Huawai (255.982 billion RMB) also enter the top 5. They were not only national brands in China, but also global brands.

The value of the top 500 valuable brands in 2017 amounts to 15558.006 billion RMB, increasing by 17.25% (an increase of 2288.376 billion RMB).

As for the distribution of the top 500 brands in China, Beijing had 96 brands, ranking 1st, mainly because headquarters of central enterprises with profitability were concentrated in Beijing. Guangdong came in the second with 88 brands and Shandong was placed as the third with 45 brands. There were 441 brands with nationwide influence, taking up 88.20% of the total. The number of brands with worldwide influence was 49.

The top 500 brands covered 25 industries, including food and beverage (of 82 brands), light industry (65), building materials (41), media (34), automobile (33) and so on.