A federal court in Louisiana has sentenced four corporations which owned and
operated a fleet of vessels that regularly visited New Orleans to pay a $1 million
criminal fine; the court also prohibited them from doing business in the
United States for five years for repeated ocean dumping violations. Each of the
companies pleaded guilty on April 12, 2011, to 32 felony counts for violations
of the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships, Ports, and Waterways Safety Act and
obstruction of justice.

Each company is a repeat offender, having previously been convicted of similar
violations. According to court records, each company deliberately discharged
sludge and oily waste into the ocean and then falsified ship records to conceal
the discharges. The court ordered that $250,000 of the $1 million penalty be
devoted to organizational community service to help conservation, protection,
restoration, and management projects in eastern Louisiana. See DOJ Press
, July 28, 2011.