Cambodia has seen an increased interest in its laws on nationality, both from the standpoint of immigration as well as in relation to property ownership. In keeping with this, there have been a number of Sub-Decrees issued recently dealing with Cambodian nationality issues.

  • Sub-Decree No. 286 ensures that foreigners who wish to marry or have married a Cambodian national have the right to apply for Cambodian citizenship.
  • Sub-Decree No. 287 deals with the Application and Procedure for Nationalization, stating that a foreigner has to submit an application and pass an exam of Khmer Literature, determined by the Prakas of the Minister of Interior.
  • Sub-Decree No. 288 sets out the processes and requirements for abandoning one's Cambodian nationality, such as the requirements that the applicant must be at least 18 years of age, the abandonment must be voluntary, and the production of a confirmation letter of alternative nationality and/or residence.