The Commission blocked a proposal by the German Telecoms Regulator to set fixed termination rates three times higher than the average rate paid in the countries which follow the recommended approach set out in EU telecoms rules. Termination rates are the rates telecom networks charge each other to deliver calls between networks. Each operator has market power over access to customers on its own network and these costs are ultimately passed on to consumers and businesses. The proposed fixed termination rates would range from €0.0036/minute (peak) to €0.0025/minute (off-peak), whereas the operators in countries which follow the recommended approach pay on average €0.001/minute. After assessing the circumstances, the Commission sent a letter to the German Telecoms Regulator addressing the serious doubts the Commission has identified regarding the proposed conduct. Following the letter, the German Telecoms Regulator now has three months to work with the Commission and the body of European telecoms regulators (“BEREC”) on a solution to this case. In the meantime implementation of the proposal is suspended. Source: Commission Press Release 8/4/2013